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It’s not set in stone, but this will be the last post on Medium. As of right now, I am not planning on deleting any of my older posts nor am I thinking of deleting this account. However, for the unforeseeable future, I will not write any new posts here.

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks. I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and say I am not the person that I want to be. And I don’t have my life together at the moment. After being dead inside for close to a year now, I CAN look inside of myself now and it’s not pleasant. I don’t have my life together and feel like the whole thing is a facade. At first, I thought it was just a phase, but now I am seeing it’s here to stay at least for awhile.

In a perfect world, there’s a divide between your personal and professional development and by professional I am referring to my future job/career aspirations. However, for me that has not been the case. The personal sphere of life bleeds into the professional and vice versa.

coding roadmap

Some people say that you get your best thoughts when you are in the shower. There might be some truth to it because I got this roadmap mapped out the other day.

Jad Joubran’s Course (review & mastery) → Odin Project → Udemy Courses → Launch School

This is the current trajectory I am thinking of at the moment. It’s very broad and if I know anything about plans, it’s that things almost never go according to plan. Regardless, it gives me a rough outline of how I want to spend the next 1–2 years of my life.

How much time does it take to get a job? That’s the wrong question to ask. How long does it take to learn web development? This is also the wrong question. There’s not a magic number because there are too many variables. However, I personally believe in my heart that if I invest 2000 hours, that’s almost a guarantee to get a coding job (at least an entry level position).

2000 hours. That’s nothing to scoff at. If you do 20 hours a week consistently, it’ll take you 100 weeks. There’s 52 weeks in a year, so that’s nearly 2 years!

That’s my target though. I am confident that if I put in that much time, it’s pretty much a shoe in to finally get into that field. I won’t be a master or anything like that, but be good enough to work in the field.

That is what I am gonna aim for now! Granted, I already learned about coding here and there, but never consistently. It doesn’t matter, I am starting the counter at 0 starting today.




coding ⚛️ | ui/ux 💠 | korean 🇰🇷 | art 🎨.

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coding ⚛️ | ui/ux 💠 | korean 🇰🇷 | art 🎨.

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