Progress > Completion

I have a tendency to not want to share my work until it’s complete. Often times, plans get scrapped and I end up with nothing to share. There is a time & place with this approach, but this medium is not it. Rather, this should be a timeline of my progress, faults and all.

If in the future I feel like I want to redact and remove from my timeline then so be it. But for now, I want to approach this platform using a different approach. I will opt to share more frequently even if I am midway through a project and/or I am still struggling to work through some issue or concept. In doing so, this can be a log of not just my highlights, but a patchwork of my learning journey as a whole, struggles and all. I want to prioritize my progress and put less focus on completion.


A picture says a thousand words and stick to the mind a lot better. It’s for this reason many memory champions convert names and numbers into memorable images and scenes. It works.

I combined this idea with mindmaps (a tool I became convinced to use from Justin Sung). I made this mindmap using Affinity Designer. It remains unfinished and shows the big picture elements of front end web development. It also serves as a roadmap for my learning. It’s far from perfect and remains incomplete. Additionally, it took/takes a long time to make this which flies at the face of everything I learned about effective learning which taught me that learning is not about pretty notes, but about the deep processing which occurs in your head. Nonetheless, since I invested this much time into this approach, I might as well see it to completion. I am almost done with this mindmap and only need to work on Zone I: Crash Course: Comp Sci & Zone V: Javascript.

Previously, I thought about explaining the various parts of the mindmap, but doing so will take a lot of time and energy. I am not ruling out the idea, but for now I will put the idea on the backburner. I will merely share my mindmap that I made so far.

I am gonna talk about coding ⚛️ , ui/ux 💠 , korean 🇰🇷 + art 🎨.